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A Few Outdoor Gear Recommendations

Hiking, outdoorsy, nature, camping, trails, ya-da-de-dah-dah. If you know me, these descriptions and verbs are often associated with Cassandra. So is future telling, but that’s another story.

Getting ready for an outdoor adventure, and will drop hints in here as I get to it.
Here are a few of my favorite links and a few brands I’ll be donning this season.

A few from the top of a mountain
Capturing the view and my friend S

Sierra Trading Post is even better in-person (Fort Collins location cleaned me out) but the website is one to keep an eye on. Grab those boots here!

Some of my favorite clothing pieces have come from Backcountry. They’re always dropping good deals.

I picked up a sample sale full of Cotopaxi Outerwear and T-Shirts. Only wore the shirt so far (it’s August!) and so comfortable, light, airy and “does good”. Committed to o social and environmental responsibility, their gear impacts both in performance and for the environment.
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