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A Kansas City Coffee Scene | Three Bees Pottery and Coffee Shop.

Every coffee bean has a story. Roasted and flavorful, nothing sets my day straight more than a cup of hot joe.

The Kansas City coffee scene has been hopping over the past decade+. With local coffee shops in every neighborhood, they all have their own flavor and theme. This year I want to taste test coffee beans; from downtown KC to Lee's Summit and Olathe, back through the Northland and everywhere in-between. 

A few of my favorite spots include downtown KC coffee hotspots Messenger Coffee (1624 Grand Blvd), Blip Roasters (1301 Woodswether Rd) and Mildreds (1901 Wyandotte St.) In the Northland, Parkville Coffee (103 Main St.) and Rochester Brewing & Roasting (100 Main St.). In Lees Summit Whistle Stop Coffee & Mercantile (227 SE Main St.). 

Just before Christmas I visited Three Bees Pottery and Coffee Shop (925 Southwest Blvd.) after a few recommendations. It was a delight to visit.

Tres leches coffee

I ended up getting the Tres Leches Latte to drink and ordered a vegan tamale to go.

My latte came in a ceramic mug from the pottery shop (which I must get next time). The latte was so flavorful.

I couldn’t stop staring at the colors bursting from the pottery bowls and objects on the wall.

Cafe Tres Abejas have a wide selection of pottery pieces to purchase and local artists items including some aromatic candles.

Pottery for sale at 3 bees coffee shop

Pottery for sale at three bees

Candles for sale at 3 bees coffee shop

When I got back home I dived into that tamale.

A tamale to go
Options include pork, chicken, beef, cheese & veggie and oaxaca (molé sauce and banana leaves). 

It came with 2 kinds of salsas and the tamale was lentil-filled (the other option was vegetables).

YUM! This was my first lentil-filled tamale and you can tell it was homemade.

Next time I will have to remember to order two tamales and not just one! With a side of rice and beans.

I wish everyone a safe and happy 2024. May all your challenges be overcome. Here’s a little story I read about adversity and the coffee bean. Enjoy! If you have any coffee shop recommendations please drop them in the comments! 

Are you a carrot, an egg or a coffee bean?

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